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access to our hearts

Hello, hey there to the girl with the broken heart, the aweful ideas about your body image, the bad grade, the one with the dad or boyfriend who has not treated or loved you well, the one who forgot, the one who needs to fight her way out of the dark and back to HIS heart, cause she forgot just who Jesus is.

Don’t let your heart obsess over grief for one more minute because you were made for joy, you can and you will!!! dance upon disappointment, there will be a better tomorrow. Your glimpses at joy and even the idea of that joy may seem so fleeting and be so few and far in between this morning, but I promise you, (I don’t make promises lightly, ever), the tomorrow you are waiting for WILL come, if its healing that you need and everyone is telling you “time will heal,” they are wrong. Time will numb you to the pain every once and a while, but no, time cannot heal you, but Jesus can.

He will lift your head so you can see, all of heaven surrounding you. You will not “win this battle with the strength of your own hand, He’s the mountain mover and only He can.” We cannot build our life on sinking sand, the dreams we have for our lives will not always come true, people will let us down, hurt us even, we will make mistakes, that’s why we cannot base our hearts in and build our lives around anything of this world. He has to be the rock where we stand, not just what we run to when things get rough, but where we build our lives. His faithfulness will see you through, of that you can be sure, on that you can stand your ground, build your life.

Some song lyrics I love:: “all my heart for all my life belongs to you” “with every moment left, with every borrowed breath, let this be true, that all my heart for all my life belongs to you”

Our heart belongs to Him, but we try to steal pieces of it back by devoting ourselves to other things, (sports, boys, shopping, food, entertainment, etc). We sell our heart to the world, bit by bit and are confused and devastated when we feel empty. All that lives forever is love and sometimes things break. God is the only one who knows how to love you and me perfectly because He is love itself. He made love, simply by becoming it, simply by dying for you and for me. And when He died, so did all the sadness of sin and shame we encounter on this earth. Howerever, 3 days later He rose, leaving all that in the grave, all that lives forever is love, all that lives forever is Jesus y’all!! Let’s start living like we know/believe that, let’s stop selling the world pieces of our hearts and expecting to get anything good and lasting in return. All that lives forever is Love. Let’s start living out Love, let’s start living out (of) Jesus. “this is the sound of hope returning, the sound of heaven singing over us “ (Steffany Gretzinger).

Claim God’s many great promises for your life and the world around you.



Ps. Listen to “this is the sound” by steffany gretzinger.

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