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dreams, humble hearts, answered prayers

Okie, so I really wanted to tell people this story // dream God gave me this week. But the whole thing would be a lil’ long for an insta caption and I haven’t written a blog in forever so here we go.

pt. 1 recently I have been praying for dreams and visions a lot. and that I would be able to remember the “sleep dreams” I have. And the other big thing I’ve been praying is for a humble heart (in all areas), not just with the comments and conversations I have with people, but with the way I think and act, the way I talk to God. I want a heart with no entitlement, humility and service at the forefront, not assuming the worst of others, but always the best. the other night I was on my knees praying “God, make me humble, humble heart, humble spirit, servant heart.

Pt 2. during the past week I had a little injury flare up (just a little adductor strain) and I was really nervous about what to do for it because I had been to the training room every day last week and nothing had seemed to help. It was hurting to the point I didn’t think I should run, especially not race, on it. I was also really nervous to talk to coach about it because I didn’t wanna let him down (he ended up being so chill and understanding about it though). so, went to bed pretty anxious about all that. I had a dream that night (that I actually remembered, answered prayer #1). we were at a race in the dream. I felt great and I was winning and felt super confident. Then I went the wrong way and lost and in the dream, when the race was over I was crying and coach was mad. not a great ending haha. anyways, the next day (back to real life, not a dream now haha), coach was really understanding and let me cross train and told me we would do the warm up before the race the next day and see how it feels then decide what to do from there about racing.

pt. 3 on the way to the race saturday I was prayin, readin, listening to music, podcasts, etc and I was praying and thinking about the race for a bit and I knew the field was not very competitive for this race so I was like there is a chance I could win !! but I didn't really know if my heart was ready to win again (like mature enough to do so and stay in a place of humility with no entitlement or “superiority” going on). Then I just heard God say (I have not heard God’s voice this clearly vert much before) “race to win.” and I was like OKAY haha. I had also been reading Hebrews 6:9-12 ::

“I’m sure that wont happen to you, friends. I have better things in mind for you. Salvation things! God doesn’t miss anything. He knows perfectly well all the love you’ve shown him by helping needy Christians, and that you keep at it. And now I want each of you to extend that same intensity toward a full-bodied hope, and keep at it till the finish. don’t drag your feet. be like those who stay the course with committed faith and then get everything promised to them.” (the MSG)

pt. 4 at the start line for the race I was really excited / ready to go. started off in the front and after a mile broke away from the pack and was winning, felt super confident and continued to build a gap. halfway through I went the wrong way and had to back track because of it and some people passed me…. ended up not winning, but that’s not what matters. point is, I asked God to keep me humble and He did that, I still got to race really well and “race to win.” I asked for a humble heart, God knows my heart and knows I wasn’t quite ready to win races again, He knew I wanted vivid dreams again because I was praying for them. So, my dream two nights before was an exact picture of what happened Saturday (except I didn’t cry and coach was not mad lol). This didn’t even really “click” with me until about 4 hours after the race when we were busing back to the school. I was just like woooooahh when I realized my dream had actually come true. the unique and personal ways God is showing me how He works (and answers prayers) blows my mind. I’m reading a book right not by Mark Batterson called circle maker about praying circles around things and continuing to surround them in prayer until they are answered (no matter how many times you are praying the same prayer with it seemingly going “unanswered”). God answers prayers, keep praying them. the answer will almost never look like we expect it to, but even in the answers we do not expect (especially in the answers we do not expect), Jesus shows us a little bit more of himself and how intricate His plans // dreams for us are if we ask Him to reveal them to us. Ugh. Y’all, He does wonderful things, excited to see what’s next.



ps. go listen to born again by Cory Asbury !!

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