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heavy with blessing.

heavy with blessing 

one of my favorite lines from a worship song is "look to the sky, heavy with blessing." we usually think of heavy as a bad thing. if something is heavy it is hard to carry, a burden to bear. this is what life becomes if we're not careful, becoming a duty rather than a pleasure, becoming a great depression instead of our greatest delight. God designed life to be a joy, it is, but we assign it a different description with all of our constant complaints. how different would life be if we saw the heaviness as a blessing? each day is literally beaming, heavy, fulllll of blessing. we just have to teach ourselves to see it that way. "what if your blessings come through raindrops, what if your healing comes through tears, what if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know there?" (lyrics from song Blessings by Laura Story)  the heaviness in life teaches us about the good things we never even knew were there. when u come out of something hard or heavy in life, when u make it to the other side of your struggle or once you start to feel the positive instead of the negative inside your situations it is so much easier to love the little things, & look to the sky, heavvyyyy w blessing because you appreciate all the good so much more when you've been through something hard. so, going through hard stuff teaches us how to see everything in life as more beautiful after we come out of those pain filled places, ah what a blessing!! the skies are heavy w blessing, but that doesn't mean it's all sunshine, rain is the biggest blessing the earth could ever ask for cause it causes growth, healing !! it's hard to ask for growth sometimes cause we know it may be painful, but I still find myself asking God to show me Himself, whatever it takes, & whatever that means I am His and I am expecting blessing. when we ask for more He never ever ever gives us less. find the daily blessings, especially in the heavier times. it's much easier than you think it would be once you start! (just little things like flowers or candy or pretty colored paint samples!! happy ppl, a walk alone w rly good music are all such epic things but we forget to see them that way cause we are obsessed with self pity in whatver we are going through). fight a little longer my friends, it's all worth it in the end, fight to see the good in every day. blessings, xoxo kat  

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