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little dreams

little dreams.

(while you’re waiting on the bigger ones to come true).

How do ya hang on while you’re “waiting for your dreams to come true?”

Well obviously you’re working towards your big dreams during the process, but there’s often times so much empty space in between big dreams cause they take lots of patience. One of my favorite character growths in myself over the past few years is the result of some of my “big” dreams being put on pause, helping me to dream small, creative, outside the box dreams while still working toward the big dreams when it feels like they are going no where.

I think the reason I’ve gotten better at being excited over the little things and still believing there is good in the hard times is because of all the quiet consistent conversations I have with Jesus.

All the sleepless, tear-filled nights, anxious days, broken hearted // fear filled seasons over broken dreams lead us to Jesus more than anything else can. The heart broken nights are the ones that lead me to needing His presence more than ever and He meets me right there, in my brokenness. The lonely mornings/days led me to whisper His name, begging for his help, His comfort more than ever before.

He will bring you to your lowest for His highest. The pain-filled seasons can and most definitely will lead you to higher and more God-filled seasons of life if you really hang on and believe Him for the more..

This past fall when I got injured again during cross country I went ahead and decided this comeback was not going to be about proving myself to anyone, not about showing a coach or team I could still be good, but instead i decided to make it about proving God’s goodness during the unimagined circumstances that happen.

Not going to lie I still had a lot of bad days this semester (even if everything is going all right we still have bad days sometimes), but by hanging on to the promise that Jesus is always good we can help show off Jesus to people just by living that hope out every single day!

As Levi Lusko says, "the devil scrambles to keep you from God and his people when you're hurting because he knows what a weapon you will become when your wound is washed by worship." When we get into the problem of pain, the root is almost always from our self pity generated thoughts and lies the devil puts in our head. Keeping our thoughts on truth and sometimes literally singing our way out of the dark is the only way to ensure we do not get sucked into the devil's scheme to keep us depressed and discouraged.

I just kept asking Jesus (and still am) to show himself to me in new and exciting ways whatever that might be. It might mean getting injured, being sick for an extended period of time, having a really challenging class, a friend betray you, or a guy breaking up with you, or vice versa a new job, new boy!, good grade, etc., whatever it is you’re walkin’ through in life, if you’re chasing Jesus it’s not going to be bad or boring no matter how many times the world says it has to be. If you let Him teach you more about himself and yourself during these (and all) times. Oh. My. Word. You wouldn’t believe the little dreams he orchestrates to fall right into place for you.

This semester // beginning of summer is one of dreams coming back to life again for sure. I’m so excited for all the big dreams I’ve been working for for years that could be coming true soon, but if I gotta wait a little longer that’s okay too because I like who I’m becoming // who He is making me into while I wait and cannot wait to see all the little God dreams that I get to live out in these coming weeks // months as He’s orchestrating everything for my good and His glory.

Here’s to believing, chasing, and talking to Jesus more than ever this week. Let Him speak life into all your “little” dreams // let Him show you His dreams for you, cause trust me they are bigger && better than you could ever imagine.

(also, a little side note :: just because you're trusting God doesn't mean you will understand everything He is doing. Sometimes we never see the reason for the things that happen to us, but He doesn't call us to understand, He calls us to faith).


xoxo kat.

Infinitely More: “If you go to Jesus, he may ask of you far more than you originally planned to give, -- but he can give you infinitely more than you dared ask or think.” -Timothy Keller

Song to listen to: Hillsong - New Wine (live version)

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