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you do you

you do you. 

most overused saying ever, but im about to talk about it a lil more. so, here’s to you. you probably have a favorite picture of yourself but you’re too scared to post it cause it’s a lil funky, who cares, go for it. If its you, you do you. you definitely have that outfit in your closet you have been dyingggg to wear, you’ve tried it on at least 50 times but every time you go out somewhere its “too fancy” or “too out there” and you don’t wanna draw attention to yourself. well, once again, here’s to you! wear it!! even if its not the most appropriate choice for the venue and you might get some bizarre looks, who gives a flip, its your outfit, your body, you do you homegirl. 

another side of this saying that doesn’t get talked about as much is comparison. I hate comparison. my sister is one of the prettiest, coolest and sweetest people I think ill ever know. She’s taller than me, skinnier than me, blonder, cooler, more “chill”, has “better” taste in music, more artsy, suuuuuper popular, the list goes on and on and on! I love her a heck ton but a lot of the time that love gets sabotaged with nasty comparison that can make me sad cause I’m not “like her”. well the reason we can’t be “like” that person we love and look up to is in the simplest form just because we aren’t them. you do you, not your sister, your best friend, or celebrity obsession. how do we do this tho? when we are interacting with this person we deem better than ourselves every day, how do we not get sad and simply try to be like them instead of us? 

there's no like one bible verse or book that’s gonna solve this problem for you or for me. another over used statement is the only way I know how to get over the comparison problem and that is “love yoself”. my favorite way to feel worthy and loved is first spend time with my jesus and listen to what he thinks about me, then I love to obsess over all little things that I love. what are the small things that make you you? that’s part of the reason I get so jealous of sarah (my sister) or really anyone I compare myself to is because they have really really cool little things they obsess over and I just think woah I wish I was that cool!! but I am! I have some hecka cool stuff im obsessed with like :: really cold cranberry kombucha after a chilly morning recovery run, a new weird music artist no one really knows about yet, song lyrics that just make you feel everything in the world within 2 minutes, flowers that remind you of someone’s eyes, matcha green tea lattes with almond milk that are hecka good and make me feel insanely hipster and healthy all in one, a new C.S. Lewis book because he is one of my forever biggest role models (truthfully I really feel like he’s my insanely wise grandfather I never got to meet but still has some type of bond with), a really attractive male barista serving me my favorite drink at my favorite coffee shop (the one I’m referring to has a wedding ring though so that’s a bummer ahaha), and honestly who doesn’t enjoy a few really good hours on pinterest when the wifi is actually working on my side of the house and the sun is just kinda starting to rise and the it’s barely coming in through the window and I made coffee before anyone woke up and got my favorite mug because no one else was awake to cop it before me and my coffee is still steaming a lil. my room is really chilly so I snuggle all up in the covers and maybe just maybe my pup comes up the stairs cause I woke her up when I was making coffee and she followed me upstairs to sneak in some cuddles while I have my devotion. that’s my favorite kinda morning. and that just the thing, its MY perfect morning, the way I like to spend MY time, part of what makes me cool is the fact that I have such a unique and perfect “perfect” morning.

you probably have your perfect afternoon or perfect date, or worst date haha, or favorite author or pinterest board or some romantic favorite color name or middle school memory that makes You YOU. so ya, you do you. love all your little things and realize how cool your little things are and do them for you, not for someone else. 

All tha love,

Kathryn : ) 

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