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sometimes praying around your trials and into your dreams looks like an exercise in foolishness, why would you keep dreaming one thing if it keeps on letting you down?

well, sometimes faith is just the willingness to look foolish. promising God you won’t walk out on the dream He promised you until it comes true is risky cause there’s no escape clause or expiration date on that, the only way out of that commitment is a miracle. willingness to look foolish in pursuing something results in epic miracles.

the 3 wise men probably looked pretty crazy following a star through the desert, peter definitely looked stupid when he tried to get out of the boat in the middle of the sea of Galilee, and Jesus was mocked for wearing a crown of thorns, but the results to all of these stories don’t lie, the wise men found baby Jesus, peter did in fact walk on water (like woahhh what?!) and Jesus rose from the dead to be crowned the King of Kings. foolishness is a feeling we gotta get hecka familiar with if we wanna keep running to Jesus’ arms. the willingness to risk our reputations by praying for “the impossible” one more time will inspire others to have the strength to do the same.

when logic screams no, faith is always whispering “yes, yes, yes!” let’s start thanking Jesus for His faithfulness before the miracle happens. if we know our father will keep His promise, we won’t just pray through a situation, we’ll praise through it.

luke 6:38 says, “for with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” If we give big, God will bless big. this doesn’t mean everything will play out like we think it will (cause trust me it won’t lol), but He’ll always, always, always give back more than you gave up.

if we position ourselves in obedience then our “this is insane” will turn into “this is freakin amazing.” if you're living in a knees on the ground, obedient heart, open hands posture you never know what God’ll do.

next time things get tough don’t change the size of your dream to fit the situation, change the ideology (or view) of your situation into faith-filled action and God’ll grow your dream in ways you didn’t know He could.

much love,


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