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Hey girlieeeess

So this is gonna be kind of a basic fun post but oh whale. I just wanted to give you a couple reasons to feel good about you, especially for when ya get all emotional cause as girls, we do that a LOT lol. Also school is starting which just adds stress and emotions and ya so here are a couple of tips that have helped me a lot.

Numero uno!! Ok so what’s the first thing that gets girls emotional? Hmm I wonder? Well that is kind of a rhetorical question cause obviously it is boys woooo. The opposite sex very often makes or breaks our mood. If they leave ya on read you start to feel “not good enough” if they snap you you’re like oooh yes until you reply w a selfie & then they don’t reply and youre like danget okay I didn’t look pretty enough for them to respond. Lemme tell ya something, no matter how many times someone says it or how many times you think youre “not enough” don’t you DARE believe it. I’ve only dated/talked seriously to one guy so I don’t have that much experience. But that one guy treated me like an angel. It may not have worked out between us, but lemme tell ya never once did I feel less than or not enough. If a guy is “for” you, you will never leave a conversation with him feeling anything but loved and beautiful. So, no matter how bad you want a guy in your life right now (trust me I’m right there with you) don’t settle. Because when you settle you’re setting yourself up to be put down and feel “not good enough” day in and day out. It’s not worth all tha perks that come with having a bf if it makes you feel insecure in any way.

Tip numba two. Comparison is a girl’s worst enemy. We see someone else doing and or looking better than us and we get into a self-hatred emotional mess. Chill homie, don’t do that. Your friend or just that person you’re creeping on on insta is farrr from perfect but even if they were perf you don’t deserve to compare yourself to anyone. The amount of uniqueness God has sewn into every fiber of our being is infinite. So be yoself! If Jesus went to all the trouble to make every part of you unique he definitely didn’t intend for you to use every fiber of that uniqueness just straining to be like someone else.

And thirdly! Messed up plans. Mmmm man this one gets me (cringes because it really annoys me that it annoys me so much when things go unplanned cause I wanna be considered a spontaneous fun person, but anyways..). Not everyone thinks the same so maybe this one doesn’t apply to y’all as much as it does to me, but if I have plans to do something, even something simple like run on my favorite trail or go to brunch with a friend and it falls through or something gets in the way it can ruin my whole day. Or if really anything goes wrong I can get moody and anxious about the rest of the day because I feel like it is wasted now that my plans fell through (so not true, like one change in plans definitely doesn’t waste a day lol). This is such a first world problem, like I get mad cause my “breakfast date” fell through, what? How petty is that. I’ve been working on it a lot lately and looking at the bigger picture is what seems to help the most to get me outta my “funk.” Don’t let one silly unplanned event mess up/waste a whole day, you only get so many, gotta make em count!

4. LAST ONE BEST ONE!! Jk this is the worst one. Shame. Oooh this is a killer if you believe it. Shame is a culmination of like everything terrible, all the other emotional stuff I talked about is bottled up in the word shame. 1). The boy makes you feel not good enough, BOOM: shame. 2). That “perfect” girl makes you feel insecure or less than, wow there it is: shame. 3). Our plans mess up, we get grumpy, we waste a day, we feel guilty for wasting a day, oh wait there it is again: shame. Apparently (according to the internet, who knows if it is true) 80% of the thoughts we have every day are negative. Wow what a "positive" statistic. If you let it, shame and negativity can totally control your identity and take you out. But, we are confident women and no matter what we do or how we feel, JC will always, always, always be right there to pick us up again. He hates shame and wants nothing to do with it. Jesus doesn’t give shame (that’s the devil). Jesus hands out forgiveness, radiant joy, and encouragement instead. When we have one of those self-pity-shame filled days Jesus is just waiting for us to let him help us out of the devil’s shame and lie filled trap.

The bible says those who look to the Lord are radiant. Radiant is one of my favorite words. I wanna be described as radiant because that’s how I feel when I am in Christ’s presence, that’s when I am hecka confident. Basically like fist bumping God like okay you’re awesome, you made me awesome, we’re awesome, yay. After moments like these with Jesus I feel like I’m ready to go slay tha day away (sorry I had to, it’s one of my fav quotes, also my pinterest bio lol;).

Anyways, that’s it. Just wanted to remind you to believe in yourself and who God made you to be // also believe he can get you out of those seemingly bad (NO BAD DAYS tho amirite?) emotional days because that’s who he is, he takes the bad and makes it good again:)



PS. Go listen to Waves by Kris Allen cause it’s a really good song about a guy who is like in love with this girl and ya I just really like it so I wanted to share the happiness w ya. K bye!!

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